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MC CONFECCIONES was established thanks to the vision and initiative of entrepreneurs with over 35 years of experience in the global textile manufacturing and logistics sectors.


Our production is structured for large-scale efficiency with productivity comparable to the Asian models, but at the same time, customizable to customer specifications. We differentiate ourselves from the Brazilian producers for productivity and scale, and we separate ourselves from Asian players for customization and proximity to the customers.

We are specialists in making flat fabrics, with a focus on shirts.


Our customers are our priority.

We have all the internal processes for product development, creation, and computer modeling, cutting, production, finishing (quality), ironing, labeling, and quick shipping with customized packaging.



Our geographical differential in producing in Paraguay positions our products in a competitive place compared to any supply from Asia. We are the Asian productivity plant at the doorsteps of Brazil. Thanks to the Maquila Law, our products are exempt from Import Taxes.

In 24 hours of freight, our customers receive a more competitive and suitable product than products that would take 40 days to arrive from Asia.


Law regulating industrial production with a Mercosur certificate of origin. Obtaining this certificate provides a product exempt from Import Taxes in all member countries of the bloc.


Galpon 183 - Manzana “P”

Calle KM 9/10 Monday

Ruta Internacional Nro. VII 

Dr. José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia

Ciudad Del Este



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